Our Guides

Our Guides are some of the best in the industry, and we pride ourselves with our service. Read below on each guide and learn more about these amazing people.
Jarrett Deuling is the owner/operator of the concession. He has over 25 years experience hunting and guiding in the Yukon and NWT. He also has nearly 100 successful guided sheep harvests. Due to being raised in a sheep hunting family, he has taken many fine stone and dall sheep himself and helped his father and brothers on their sheep hunts. The month of September gets his heart pumping as the moose rut starts and then the calling begins. Jarrett will be on the horse crew and running the operation while guiding.
Terry Ollie Terry Ollie also started out as a wrangler with Koser Outfitters and has become a true professional guide. Known for having an excellent set of eyes he is able to spot animals where most people can barely see with binoculars. His skill with horses, excellent sense of humor and traditional Kaska knowledge give hunters a special experience.
Paul Deuling Paul Deuling, (Jarrett’s Father) has been hunting and guiding in the Yukon and NWT nearly thirty years. With much experience hunting all Yukon big game, Paul will be on the backpack crew before moving over to do moose boat hunts later in the season. Paul has over fifty ram harvests to his credit and has sent many a hunter home with a set of beautiful horns and even better set of memories from successful hunts. – Paul was the recipient of the “Guide of The Year” at 2010 Wild Sheep Foundation Banquet as well awarded the very prestigious Sagamore Hill Award from the Boone and Crocket Club for his hunt while taking the world record mountain caribou. He is only the 17th recipient of this very prestigious award.
Ron Dionne Ron Dionne has over twenty years of hunting the Yukon for all species it holds. With a willingness to go the extra mile and a first rate sense of humor, a hunt with Ron is one the hunter will never forget. Ron will be on the backpack crew.
Karla Charlton – Karla our cook, guide, wrangler and many other talents was a welcome addition to the crew of 2010. Karla has a never get outworked attitude and is a pleasure to have in our camp to keep hunters and crew well fed. Karla is also a very talented photographer.
Wolf Riedl- He has been guiding the boat hunts in September along our many lakes and rivers finding some outstanding bulls for our hunters. Hunters get a rare treat hunting with Wolf, as he is an amazing cook and has had hunters actually gain weight while hunting with him. Wolf is a very accomplished hunter himself taking many fine sheep, moose and caribou over his hunting career.
Bernard Briggs- Deuling Stone is very pleased that Bernard Briggs has joined the team. He has many years experience in the guiding industry, sending many hunters home with some world class animals and incredible memories. Bernard is a ‘’Jack of all trades” and his carpentry work is outstanding. You will not find a harder worker than Bernard.
James Dick- There are very few guides in the North Country with as much experience as you will find with James. James is on our horse crew and is very familiar with the area, horses and the game found within the concession, as he grew up in the nearby village of Ross River. James also traps during the winter months and therefore spends much of the winter in the concession.
Glen Irvine- After a long absence from the Yukon, Irf is back! We are very pleased Irf has joined the backpack and boat crew. Irf is extremely hard working and has many successful sheep, moose, caribou and grizzly hunts under his belt. He is a ski instructor during the winter months which keeps him in excellent physical condition, a perfect situation to be ready for the start of the guiding season.
Bob House- Bob is on the backpack crew and you will not find a more thorough hunter. He is very patient and will leave no valley, basin or rock unchecked in order to find a mature ram. Bob has many fine rams taken during his hunting career.
Bryon Gagne- It is an extreme pleasure to welcome Byron to the DSO team. Byron completed his first season with DSO in 2014 but is not new to guiding. Byron has guided in the NWT and Yukon and has many years of chasing big rams, moose and caribou. Byron brings with him many fine skills and a never get outworked attitude. He also owns a trap line within the concession and spends part of the winter trapping.
Nathan O’Grady- Nathan is a born and bred Yukoner. He has developed into one of the top horse guides in the North for any species. It is a rare find to have an individual in his early twenties, that has such a tremendous work ethic, high ethical standard and tremendous bush skills. Nathan, along with his excellent horse skills is a very accomplished backpacker. In the off season, Nathan is a journeymen carpenter.
Anton Spudic- Anton joined the team in 2014 and has been an excellent addition with his never get outworked attitude. Always with a smile, no matter what the weather condition, Anton has shown he will put forth the effort to get any issue solved or animal found. Anton is a gifted carpenter in the off season and is a full time Yukon resident.
Ken Taylor- Ken has been hunting for himself and guiding others in the Yukon wilderness for 35 years. He loves the outdoor life and works hard to protect the wild places so that future generations of hunters and enthusiasts can continue to marvel at our beautiful territory. He taken some very fine animals over his hunting career and would like to help you do the same.
Vern Peters: – Vern’s first Yukon sheep hunt was in 1972 using a flimsy aluminum frame backpack, home made sleeping bag, 8ml. sheet of plastic for shelter with two dozen buns, a pound of butter and a large jar of peach jam for sustenance. Things change, and now, after over 40 years spent guiding his sons and others to tremendous Yukon sheep and moose, Vern has joined our team. Vern loves telling and writing stories and for his latest award winning composition, click here.

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This area is known for its quality Stone Sheep, Yukon/Alaska Moose, Dall Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine. Our goal is to give you a Yukon adventure that will be one of the best events in your life. The Yukon is one of the last untouched paradises on Earth. Come experience the hunt of a lifetime with Deuling Stone Outfitters, as we offer horseback, backpack and boat hunts enjoyed by all.